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Grey: Zone E09 - Tourist Association

The second he's out of the building Grey is ducking into the cover of the outside vegetation. He pulls out his map and makes a prompt bee line for the tourist association building to gather his thoughts. And plan.

He doesn't run, but he moves at a decent pace and makes it there in good time. He settles himself in a nook between a large table and a wall and opens his bag again. He didn't see a weapon the first time he opened it for the map but perhaps it's under everything? After digging, he finds everything he's supposed to have. Except a weapon. No... all he has is matches. Wait... oh. Oh you can't be serious. Fuck. He really planned to survive this you know? He has plans. Fuck.

Grey just stares a bit forlornly at his "weapon" for a few minutes. He truly looks disheartened. Poor guy. But then the look of determination is back. Well fuck he isn't going down without a fight. He was just going to have to be sneaky. Burn down people's sleeping places. He'd have to move primarily at night. He'd collect their weapons as he went.

Again Grey just stared at the box of matches in his hand. An then there was laughter. Out of nowhere really. It was funny. Really it was. It was hilarious. The laughter quickly built into flat out hysterics. He didn't even seem care if anyone heard him.

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(Note: Post is no longer open to commenting, Grey will have left and will be engaging in a battle elsewhere.)
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