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Day 5 Zone L8 Over the bridge we go

The storm has not let up one iota as the oxen pull their burden over the water-slicked bridge.

Having picked up who they can only hope is an ally for now and dropping off the other group, Tucker and company journey ever onward towards the place where this all began - blood-soaked Oregon.

No, wait - the school. They've got a package to drop off. Express Delivery.

There is purpose. There is resolve. There is the sound of Tucker humming P.I.M.P.

Zone K8 (on the way)

After handing the rocket launcher off to Tucker for his maybe-too-joyful use, Kururu tugged Black along with her, nodding to Revan once, and began the slow trudge on foot in the direction of the Town Hall shown on the map.

... it would be faster going if it didn't feel like they were being watched, even if nothing was where she looked when the lightning came down around them.

"... come on," she says, shaking only a little. "It's not much further." Even if it is, saying otherwise is the only way she can bring herself to keep going under that nagging, frightening feeling on the back of her neck.

But every so often she does see something out of the corner of her eye, with one white eye and a white, leering skull. It never stays for long.

Day 4-5, Zone ... god only knows, halp

It's not a dead zone they're in right now. Kururu knows that, because they've been keeping a very close watch on the map via flashlight during the storm, all of them huddled around the small pinprick of light in the crackling darkness. The wagon was barely enough to fit them all. Silently Kururu let herself feel a spark of hope begin to ignite in her terrified chest; they were all together, working towards the same goal, and they weren't killing each other, or even thinking about it.

Then again, the dark, scared part of her whispered, there was no guarantee how long that would last, was there? There never was.

But Kururu wasn't going to listen, not this time, not now. She pulled her soaked jumpsuit tight around her shoulders and knelt closer to see if she could help with the map some more.
Pull The Trigger.

H8 Day 5

It'd taken him a while to get the safe open, but he was well rewarded when he did. A gun and a box of bullets. It was nothing short of a blessing.

He'd been angry and reluctant when Rue had decided to speak up again, but in the end, Rue was right. He'd have to meet up with these people at some point anyway, and time was running out. He needed to finish this.

If he's going to catch up to the wagon he saw the previous day, he's going to need to move quickly, and so he sets off to the south again, gun, crow bar, and bat in tow.
Man With A Gun.

G7 Day 5

At some point during his day four slumber, Reeves had woken to the sound of hooves and creaky wheels in the distance. He'd hefted himself up to investigate, finding a wagon complete with oxen going by. Another group. After that, it was back to passing out. They hadn't seen him. He was safe. Sleep was top priority right now. He remained more or less comatose throughout the night and it took everything in him not to just roll over and go back to sleep after the announcements woke him on day five.

Just give him another day five more minutes, would you?

But then the storm hit. That kind of adds an extra a sense of urgency to a death match, you know? Presently he's made it to the drawbridge. He'll just be checking out this nifty safe right here, thanks.

Edit: Post closed, Reeves has moved on.


"Well, well. Not bad, not bad. You're doing just fine. Don't forget to kill each other in a timely fashion! Someone remembered, as in F-9 yesterday, Ariekne del-ther Starstrike and Aiden Michael Kane died shortly after each other, as if someone else might have suddenly turned on them in a fit of rage. We know who did it, but we're no snitches here.

"We're the good guys. We bring you cookies and presents! Here's your dead zones for today: G-Four, K-Six, A-Nine, K-Eleven, F-Two, G-Nine, L-Twelve, I-Ten, J-Nine, G-Eleven, N-Seven, A-Eleven, and C-Six.

"Oh, and it looks like we're in for some nasty weather today. We tried to avoid it, but too bad. No luck. Get your rain gear, because it's shaping up to be a long one!"

A horrible, rasping sound that could be a laugh echoes through the speaker before it sharply, viciously cuts off.
Pointy teeth!

F-9 Because Today's The Day....

"If you go out in the woods today, you're sure for a big surprise! If you got out in the woods today you'd better go in disguise!"

Leading the way through the undergrowth of the forest, Mikey's voice had started off quietly but soon picked up in volume and cheer in an attempt to distract himself from the crackle and rustle of unknown foresty type things. It's a vague hope that he's also managed to distract his companions with his antics which include the gymnastic routines preformed thanks to the occasional low-laying limb.

"For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain, because today's the day --" He cuts himself off momentarily to check on Ari's progress and cast Reeves an overly tired, mischievous grin. "--The teddy bears have their picnic!"

E6 : near the railroad : day 4 : afternoon.

Sri is feeling much better when he wakes up at about three AM. It's still dark out, and he considers, for a while, going back to sleep to get back even more strength. But there are other things bothering him - for one, he's very comfortable, what with all that blood sticking to him, the collar, in his hair, his back, and more. It just isn't comfortable. Plus, he might as well get going. After all, if there's more than him left at the end, that means he dies, and he has lived far too long to be killed by some lame human's shitty game.

Actually, he amends, it isn't shitty. Murder is involved. He does feel a little off, but all the bashes seems to have healed (at least, a little) and all he has to show is a very, very bent nose and yellow hair streaked with red, a stained jumpsuit, and some chair legs.

He takes the valuable things - the blowgun, the darts, the water, the chair legs, and his gun and the few bullets that remains. The rest of the stuff is left behind. Staying here for a while, though, can't hurt, at least not until the sun rises. his vision isn't that good, and all he needs to do is be snuck up on. How embarrassing. Also, the Dead Zone announcement. That'll tell him where not to go.

"Fuck!" He says, and has a startling moment of deja vu. Yes, he is in a dead zone again. Also, a lot more people are dead. Good for him. Right now, though, he doesn't have time to celebrate.

Going north seems like a good idea.

And that's where he is now. He cleaned off in the river once he was out of the zone, so now again he's a stringy-yellow-haired guy with half a jump-suit (the other half was too bloody), a bent nose, and a chair leg. The gun's at the top of the bag if he gets any surprises.


"Heads up, kids, there's a storm front moving in. I know it doesn't look it, but it's coming. Just so you know, we don't take rain checks for 'getting safely out of a dead zone on time', capische?

"You tykes have been busy while I've been catching up on my beauty rest. You have no idea how tricky it's been getting this all set up to the right specifications in time for you to muck it up in your own special ways. But you're making me so proud! Just listen to this: Andrew Miller, zone J-Eight. Gaius Baltar, Jake Lynch, Alastor Grey, Estella the Halfbreed, all in zone E-Four. That's five of you in one day! We're getting down to the very cream of the crop now. Only twelve left.

"We've got a special present for all of you, too. That's right, here's a handy list of dead zones. Mark 'em. Zone C-Eleven, Zone N-Nine, Zone K-Ten, Zone E-4, Zone C-Two, Zone N-Five, Zone D-Ten, Zone F-3, Zone N-Twelve, Zone M-Twelve, Zone G-Eight, Zone D-Nine, Zone H-Nine, Zone C-Four, Zone J-Six, Zone H-Six, Zone C-Nine, and Zone M-Two. Got that? You have five minutes.

"Don't forget your umbrella!"

[ G9: Near the Forest : Day 3 : Evening ]

It's a strange blessing that everyone is still alive when they're all ready to move the next day. Though the weather doesn't seem like it's so nice out (despite the pretty sun) anymore. Ariekene feels better, at least, and her leg aches a little less (though she knows walking on it all day will not be kind) so she feels a readier. Her head hurts, and her fingers tingle in that mana-needing kind of way, and she half-heartedly tries a few spells and gets nothing.

"I figure," she said, then, earlier today as she unfolded her map, scraped over and written on. "That it seems there are no deaths or dead zones in the north east quadrant of the map. That might be the smartest place to go - there's a forest, maybe we can hide out there until this all over." She remembers that whole 'if no one dies in one day, everyone dies' part, but does not seem keen on adding it to this particular plan. And so, given as they had nothing to add, they continued that way.

It's evening now, and they've been walking and resting and eating rations all day. Ariekne's leg is not good, but she is a battle priestess and a little soreness never killed anyone. This is not to say, however, that she does not sit down on a rotting log when she sees one. The forest looms in front of them, spooky-like, and Ariekne doesn't know if hiding in this place is honestly the best idea.

Either way, sitting on a rotting stump to rest her bum leg works. She tugs some rations out of her backpack and eats as little as possible to make her stomach-ache go away. She'd even go for some conjured bread, right now.

"What do you think?" She says to them. "Do you think we should go in and hide out there, or stay here another night, or keep moving.. ?"